A school that stands apart!

The Academy sets itself apart by its setting and its educational plan focused on teaching two languages (French, 76% – English, 24%), robotics, creativity and technopedagogics. We offer a structured environment, characterized by differentiation through teaching strategies and methods, because at Sainte-Anne’s, we feel it is vital to ensure our students’ success while helping them achieve their full potential. As a reflection of our multi-cultural society, student life is centered on personal development (self-esteem, leadership, confidence), so that each student can develop his talents, and on fostering a sense of belonging.

Discover the Academy

The environment at the Academy is designed to foster well-being and good living as the students learn and mature, guided by a school team who stimulates their intellectual curiosity. Working in class, playing at recess, serving on committees, enjoying the school life—every experience helps them develop the skills they need for success in life.



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School life

Every student feels right at home at the Academy. With the support of a dedicated faculty, students graduate bilingual, creative, at ease with technology, analytical, sporty, scientific and open minded.



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With instruction in both French (76%) and English (24%), the Academy offers a dynamic program that meets all Ministry requirements and is enhanced by Sainte-Anne’s unique approach: visual arts, dance and media arts starting in kindergarten, experimentation and horticulture, programming, entrepreneurial project, physical education or outdoor activity every day—and much more!



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