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Educational approach

In order to respect each child’s learning style, teachers use a variety of educational methods and approaches. These include theoretical instruction (lecturing) and practical teaching (exploration, experimentation and cooperation) as well as innovative approaches (reverse teaching, cyber learning, zootherapy and so on) that allow students to learn at their own pace in a flexible environment.

Educational tools

Laboratory equipment, interactive whiteboard and Apple TV in each classroom, and, naturally, laptops and tablets since every student has one or the other in class! In addition, students of the Academy learn the basics of coding, programming and robotics each week, with the BeeBot robot in kindergarten, the ScratchJr application and the LEGO® WeDo construction sets in cycles 1 and 2, and Mindstorms® EV3 in cycle 3. Sainte-Anne has also developed online programming courses in collaboration with ChallengeU.

Educational program

The innovative educational program at Sainte-Anne Academy, located in Dorval, offers students a friendly, artistic, scientific and high-tech learning environment. The school includes several exceptional theme rooms (horticulture room, creativity laboratory, nature room, artistic creation space, theatre workshop). The proposed educational program includes instruction both in French (76%) and English (24%).

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